Erol Vs Evil

Erol Vs Evil - created, written and illustrated by me Darrell Thorpe or as most of my comrades know me FORPE.

Erol Vs Evil is the first comic to come out of the FreeDoom realm. It's a one shot comic following Erol the bonehead and his quest to become a member of the infamous " Piece Brigade".

Along the way you'll meet odd characters that litter this realm of chaos and apples. But more importantly you'll get to hang with Erol the bonehead and join him on his epic crusade.

So jump in and back this comic to see if Erol can survive!
Will he level up and will he ever find his father?

All these questions and more will or will not be answered in this fun A4 size comic. Suitable for Adults and kids with a sense of humour.

A4 Landscape 300gsm soft mat perfect bound.