Gringo Bike Co

Gringo Bike Co


I started the Gringo Bike Co logo by first sketching down some ideas, i knew like all great heritage bike companies it should be a mascot / head shot. There was something about a cowboy that seemed right for the brand. Also I like the idea of bringing in guns, stars and other western motifs in the future.

The strap-line 'Young At Heart' seemed honest and playful for a new company that makes and restores bikes.

Darrell Thorpe - Swealthy Album Cover Illustration
Gringo Bike logo design by Darrell Thorpe

I wanted to also create a secondary logo that would work well on the front of a bike frame but also serve well on garment graphics and in other places where the full brand could be on show.


Creating patterns was essential for the infancy of the brand. but i did want another device something that the brand will become known for and also helps bolster the strap-line.

A joke western gun with the logo in the bang flag seemed a natural idea. it plays on the 'Young At Heart' ethos that Gringo Bikes has.