Art and Comics by Mr Forpe

The Art of Mr forpe

Darrell Thorpe aka Forpe is a graphic artist with an appetite for colour, comics & cartoons…


With his background in branding & art direction Forpe has a passion for creating art in his spare time. Most of his work comes in the form of art books, comics, zines and prints. 


Forpe works in traditional mediums as well as digital and creates most of his work in : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Procreate.


Forpe has spent time cultivating his style, which he draws on from the world around him and the pop culture he enjoys. His style has been described often as a mix of ‘street art & fairy tales’.‚Äč


His most recent work of Erol Vs Evil has seen the first successful exploration into the FreeDoom Realm.


Forpe is currently working on his next book which features the Spiritual Nomads and their bid to concur the Twisted Peaks, The FreeDoom Realms most notorious mountains in the Dumb Dumbs mountain range... stay tuned homez!

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